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In deze foto albums vind je een enorm aantal Stevie Nicks foto's.

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Christine McVie

Christine McVie

Christine McVie (12 juli 1943) is de "andere" zangeres van Fleetwood Mac.

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-Christine McVie Biography
-Christine McVie The Official Web Site

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Fleetwood Mac

"Artists like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles were really the architects of the sound that I love. I really just idolised Stevie Nicks and now we're very good friends." Rocker Sheryl Crow on becoming best friends with her music idol.

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Fleetwood Mac is een Britse band, opgericht door Peter Green (zang, gitaar en mondharmonica), Mick Fleetwood (drums) en John McVie (bas). Fleetwood Mac begon als bluesband maar evolueerde in de loop der jaren tot een popgroep. In Nederland zijn ze vooral bekend door hun hits: Go Your own Way, Dreams (Deep Dish remix), Everywhere en Little Lies. Deze zijn vrijwel dagelijks op de Nederlandse radio te horen.

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Chris Nicks

-Chris Nicks

Stevie Nicks News Mrt 2007

-Stevie Nicks Q & A with the rock icon, who will be appeaing at Caesars next week.
At 58, Stevie Nicks sounds as good as she did at 20 when she got a call from former classmate Lindsey Buckingham.

-Crystal Visions of Stevie Nicks
Reprise Records will release Crystal Visions The Very Best of Stevie Nicks CD & DVD on March 27th.

-Visions of Stevie
Stevie Nicks, who is currently finishing up a stint filling in for Celine Dion at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, will co-headline a month long tour with Chris Isaak this summer to mark the release of a new career retrospective, Crystal Visions.

-Nicks Questions Eight Year Klonopin Prescription
Stevie Nicks is still asking questions of the doctor who kept her hooked on powerful drug klonopin for eight years - because she has no idea why he prescribed the tranquilliser to her for so long.

-Stevie Nicks to Tour With Chris Isaak
Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak are about to mount a joint tour of the USA.

Stevie Nicks News Feb. 2007

Stevie Nicks 9 -Stevie Nicks by Lee Zimmerman
Forget for a moment the obligatory roll call of hits ...

-New Stevie Nicks greatest hits collection set for March
Stevie Nicks will release a new solo greatest hits collection, titled The Very Best of Stevie Nicks on March 27th.

-Stevie Nicks To Release Live Australian Tracks On Compilation
Just a few songs from Stevie Nicks' live show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have been delegated to an upcoming compilation album for the white witch.

-Stevie Nicks to roll out "best of" album, spring tour
Stevie Nicks is getting back to work this spring, releasing "Reflections - The Very Best of Stevie Nicks" March 27 and embarking on a national tour with Chris Isaak

-"Reflections: The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks" CD/DVD Package Scheduled for March 27, 2007 Release
Stevie Nicks, one of the most successful female artists in rock history and the embodiment of the transcendent power of music, is ...

Stevie Nicks News Jan. 2007

-Stevie Nicks booked for Super Bowl pre-game show
Stevie Nicks has been added to the roster of performers at the upcoming Super Bowl.

-The Best Of Stevie
Rock legend Stevie Nicks has been pretty quiet since touring Australia and New Zealand last year except for a handful of appearances with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

-Stevie Nicks announces a few dates
A handful of dates have trickled in for Stevie Nicks, who will warm up for those shows with a Feb. 4 Super Bowl pre-game performance in South Florida that will air on CBS-TV.

-Lindsey Buckingham credits Stevie Nicks for providing time to make new album
Lindsey Buckingham says that Stevie Nicks indirectly played a role in his completing his fourth solo album, Under The Skin.

-Stevie Nicks Reflects With New Retrospactive
Stevie Nicks is to release a definitive song collection entitled "Reflections ... The Best Of" in March.

-Nicks Preps Best-Of, Spring Tour With Isaak
Stevie Nicks is eyeing a March 27 release for "The Very Best of Stevie Nicks," her second greatest hits package for Reprise. The collection will include live versions of "Edge of Seventeen," "Landslide" and "Rhiannon" as well as her 2005 collaboration with dance act Deep Dish on "Dreams."


Stevie Nicks tekening

Stevie Nicks werd geboren op 26 mei 1948 in de staat Arizona. In het midden van de jaren 70 werd ze een grote ster als betoverende zangeres van Fleetwood Mac, waar ze in 1974 werd aangenomen door Mick Fleetwood. Stevie paste heel goed in de band en ze zette samen met Lindsey Buckingham de band weer op de kaart.


Stevie Nicks sites (6)

Stevie Nicks wil niets meer doen met Fleetwood Mac, zonder toetseniste/zangeres Christine McVie. McVie verliet de groep in 2003 na het laatste album van Fleetwood Mac, "Say you will". De kans dat Stevie Nicks ooit nog met de groep werkt lijkt erg klein, daar Christine McVie gezegd heeft geen plannen te hebben om terug te keren.

-Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks video

-Stevie Nicks 55:26

Stevie Nicks News Nov 2007

-Vanessa Carlton Is Like BFF With Stevie Nicks
Vanessa Carlton, of mobile piano fame, recently put out a new album on The Inc., formerly known as Murder Inc., and in a desperate ploy to get people to care about That Girl Who Sings That Song With The Video Where She Rides The Piano, label head Irv Gotti has trapped and domesticated Stevie Nicks, somehow convincing her that Vanessa Carlton is worth her time and effort. In an interview Carlton talks about the new album, that dude from Third Eye Blind, and the great and powerful Nicks.

-Stevie Nicks: 'I Would Have Quit Fleetwood Mac For Tom Petty'
Singer Stevie Nicks has stunned Fleetwood Mac fans by revealing she would have quit the supergroup at the height of its success if Tom Petty had asked her to join his band The Heartbreakers.

Stevie Nicks News Okt 2007

-Stevie Nicks Thought The World Had Stopped Taking Cocaine
Former Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks was convinced people had stopped taking cocaine after her stint in rehab for drug addiction in the 1980s.

-Stevie Nicks: My Nose Could Have Collapsed
Former Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was stunned to discover how her use of aspirin to calm the effects of cocaine could have completely destroyed her nose.

-Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac
Carol Ann Harris' moribund autobiography is a relentlessly insipid read. Her story begins right after the most interesting period in Fleetwood Mac's history

-Nicks: 'I Would Have Quit Fleetwood Mac For Petty'
Singer Stevie Nicks has stunned Fleetwood Mac fans by revealing she would have quit the supergroup at the height of its success if Tom Petty had asked her to join his band The Heartbreakers.

-Stevie Nicks: Rock follies
Stevie Nicks, the singer-songwriter and other-worldly star of Fleetwood Mac, is one of pop's great survivors. Now 59, she talks to Andrew Gumbel about her music, her famously turbulent love-life and the importance of not doing heroin

-Stevie Nicks' Secret Eagles Romance With Joe Walsh
Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks enjoyed a secret three-year affair with The Eagles star Joe Walsh and describes the guitarist as her "great, great love". The rock chick was known to have been romantically involved with bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham and Eagles star Don Henley - but Nicks only revealed her fling with Walsh during an interview with a British newspaper.

Stevie Nicks News Sept 2007

-'Joe Walsh and I were doing so much cocaine we were sure we were going to die'
Stevie Nicks lives in a huge house in Pacific Palisades. As you'd expect, it favours the same kind of gothic, velvet fabric she wears on stage and has sported in publicity shoots over the years - lush and seductive, from the more-is-more school of decoration.

-Stevie Steps Mac In Time
Fleetwood Mac rock goddess Stevie Nicks is set for a comeback with a project based on ancient Welsh stories. The star is interpreting 12th Century tales of the medieval Mabinogion and has hinted the work could be transformed into a cartoon. The Mabinogion is a collection of stories from medieval Welsh manuscripts. They are partly based on early medieval events, but almost certainly hark back to older Iron Age traditions.

-Stevie Nicks: a survivor's story
Thirty years after she sold her soul to the devil and, with Fleetwood Mac, set new records for rock'n'roll overindulgence, Stevie Nicks has somehow lived to tell the tale - and what a tale it is.

-Stevie Nicks' Secret Eagles Romance (contactmusic)
Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks enjoyed a secret three-year affair with The Eagles star Joe Walsh and describes the guitarist as her "great, great love".

-Nicks Spent Millions On Cocaine
Legendary rocker STEVIE NICKS spent more than $1 million (GBP500,000) on cocaine during her hellraising heyday.

-Fleetwood Mac Singer "Sold Soul To The Devil"
Former Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks "sold her soul" to find success as a rock star - and concedes she missed out on a family as a result.

-Stevie Nicks Loves Fans' Adoration (contactmusic)
Singer Stevie Nicks loves living her life under the glare of the media spotlight and the public adoration it brings her.

-Stevie Nicks Won't Reunite With Fleetwood Mac
Singer Stevie Nicks is refusing to reunite with her former Fleetwood Mac bandmates, unless fellow vocalist Christine McVie also returns.

-Stevie Nicks' Secret Eagles Romance (starpulse)
Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks enjoyed a secret three-year affair with The Eagles star Joe Walsh and describes the guitarist as her "great, great love".

-Stevie Nicks: No Reunion With Fleetwood Mac, Millions On Cocaine
Singer Stevie Nicks is refusing to reunite with her former Fleetwood Mac bandmates, unless fellow vocalist Christine McVie also returns.

-Stevie Nicks Loves Fans' Adoration (starpulse)
The former Fleetwood Mac star admits she has grown accustomed to a spoiled lifestyle and revels in having fans approach her.

-Stevie Nicks Loves Fans' Adoration (postchronicle)
She says, "I'm very, very famous, and I walk in somewhere and people are, like, "Oh, my God!" And I love it, and it's sweet and I sign autographs."

Stevie Nicks News Aug 2007

Stevie Nicks 6 -Stevie Nicks Keeps At It
One Of Rock's Most Famous Women Releases A New Album

-Stevie Nicks Arizona Home
Estate of the Day

-Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions
Stevie Nicks is a classic old rocker from way, way back and she has ...

Stevie Nicks News Juli 2007

-Stevie Nicks wows Montage crowd
The air was thick with excitement and anticipation ...

-Stevie Nicks Still Sizzles
Her strong, pure voice soars in Turning Stone concert

-Nicks brilliant, despite guitarist
Backed by an over-indulgent seven-piece band and ...

-Stevie Nicks: Crystal Visions
DVD Review

-Stevie Nicks downsizes life, upsizes charity work
With her 60th birthday looming, Stevie Nicks is making some changes.

Stevie Nicks News Juni 2007

Stevie Nicks 7 -In Nicks of time, Isaak pulls double bill into 2007
Stevie Nicks - the rock star of few facial expressions - is nowhere near her prime.

-Crystal Visions. The Very Best Of
It's been six years since Stevie's smash comeback album Trouble in Shangri-La, so ...

-Nicks charms and twirls through harder-edged rock
What do Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak have in common?

-Isaak-Nicks hard act to top
The inspired pairing of Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks ...

-Casino Rama, Rama - June 21, 2007
Stevie Nicks was down, but not out, on Thursday night as she ...

-JLC, London, Ont. - June 25, 2007
Stevie Nicks was definitely a rock sorceress with some white magic working for her last night at the John Labatt Centre.

Stevie Nicks News Mei 2007

-LiveDaily Interview: Stevie Nicks
Whether it"s raising money for the Arizona Heart Institute, collecting iPods for injured Iraq war soldiers or writing a song about the plight of New Orleans, charity is important to singer/songwriter.

-Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak
Whether singing hits from such classic Fleetwood Mac albums as ...

-Stevie Nicks: Dreams Unwound
Alternately revered and ridiculed, Stevie Nicks has impacted an entire generation of artists with her bewitching tales and stirring stage theatrics. Crystal Visions traces the tangled web of her solo career.

-Life is looking good for Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks says there's only one drawback to having an artist like Chris Isaak open for her on her summer tour. She has to scale back the kind of set she would normally do for fans.

-Stevie Nicks Is Real Hot ... Underneath All Those Rags!
A sweltering Stevie Nicks still managed to perform -- despite nearly being asphyxiated underneath a landslide of crushed velvet, leather and lace! Stand back!!

-Nicks Pays Tribute To Petty On Tour
Stevie Nicks paid tribute to pal Tom Petty at a concert in Los Angeles last night (20May07) when she spotted the rocker in the audience.

Stevie Nicks News Apr. 2007

Stevie Nicks 8 -Music Review: Crystal Visions: The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (CD/DVD Double Disc Edition)
It might surprise some of you who saw all of the trouble I got myself into ...

-Stevie Nicks' greatest hits
As an album opener, you"d think that one version of "Edge of Seventeen" - the one with the infectious, fired up guitar riff - is enough to keep rocking you forever. Then you hear the Crystal Visions finale, a powerful live version accompanied by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and you crap yourself.

-Nicks: "Lohan is not playing me"
Stevie Nicks has denied rumours that Lindsay Lohan has signed to play her in an upcoming film.

-Nicks: "Lindsay Lohan is not playing me"
Stevie Nicks has denied rumors that Lindsay Lohan has signed to play her in an upcoming film reports Digital Spy.

-Nicks croons "80s best with "Crystal Visions"
Self-billed as the most successful woman in rock 'n' roll history, Stevie Nicks has roller-coastered through a career with rock legends Fleetwood Mac and ventured out on her own to a very successful solo career.

-Stevie Nicks Knows Nothing About Biopic
Stevie Nicks has poured scorn on reports Lindsay Lohan is set to play her in a new movie - because there's no such project.

-Stevie Nicks claims about Lindsey Lohan project
Stevie Nicks has denied rumours that Lindsay Lohan has signed to play her in an upcoming film, according to Life Style Extra.

-Stevie Nicks talks to magazine about rehab
"Since I got out of rehab in 1994, I've stopped doing serious drugs. And then as menopause touched my life, I stopped even having a glass of wine. I don't drink at all."

-CD Review: Nothing new about Stevie Nicks" release
Stevie Nicks, of Fleetwood Mac, has managed to maintain her devoted cult following with a combination of a carefully crafted mystical stage image and some damn catchy tunes.

-You'll Be Sorry
Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears will regret their wild ways someday, predicts Stevie Nicks, who got coked up, stoned and drunk during her prime with Fleetwood Mac and ended up in rehab.

-Stevie Nicks' "regret" forecast for Lohan and Spears
American Singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks has predicted that Hollywood starlets Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears will regret their bizarre and wild lifestyle.

-Stevie Nicks says Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears will regret their wild partying
The Fleetwood Mac singer - who battled drink and drugs before entering rehab - says the two young stars are making the same mistakes as her.

-Stevie Nicks tells Lindsay Lohan to learn from her blunders
Fleetwood Mac legend also warns Britney Spears on conduct

-Stevie Nicks Says Two Starlets Will Be "Sorry Later" About Partying Ways
Nicks told Blender magazine: "You are sorry later, that's what I would tell them. If I had gotten it together a little more, I would have had a better career. I would have made a couple more great albums."




time waits for no one

Stevie Nicks News Dec. 2006

-Lohan to Play Stevie?
According to a source quoted in Life & Style, Lindsay may make a Ray-like film portraying rock goddess Stevie Nicks.

-Lohan To Play Stevie Nicks?
Lindsay Lohan is the favourite to play the lead in an upcoming film about Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks News Nov. 2006

-Nicks Takes Time To Smile For The Camera
Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks always smiles for the cameras these days after she was reprimanded for being too sullen by a four-year-old.

-Nicks Asks Famous Friends And Fans To Give iPods To Troops
Stevie Nicks launched her charity drive to provide iPods to wounded and maimed US troops last night (09NOV06) - with a little help from her famous friends.

-Stevie Nicks Hosts iPod Benefit for U.S. Troops
Soldier Angel Foundation gives gift of music to the wounded

-Lindsay: The next Stevie Nicks?
It's no secret that Lindsay Lohan parties up a storm, but the rave reviews she's getting for her performance in her newest film, Bobby, prove the girl's got major talent, too!

-Lindsay Lohan to make a movie about Stevie Nicks
On her last album, A Little More Personal, Lindsay Lohan covered "Edge of Seventeen," a Stevie Nicks song. It seems the experience has ...

-Stevie Nicks brings music to wounded soldiers
Stevie Nicks is taking a break from the touring circuit at the moment, but she"s keeping busy with her Soldier's Angel Foundation, which aims to lift the spirits of wounded US soldiers through music.

-Lohan to star as Stevie Nicks
Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly attempting to buy the rights to the Stevie Nicks story so she can star as the singer in a new film.

-Lohan in a film to rival the success of Ray and Walk The Line
Lindsay Lohan is allegedly trying to buy the rights to the Stevie Nicks story so she can star as the singer in a new film, as reports.

-Lohan desperate for Stevie flick
Lindsay Lohan is desperate to play Stevie Nicks in a film of the Fleetwood Mac singer's life.

-Lindsay Lohan"s Fleetwood Mac Dreams
It seems the experience of covering a Stevie Nicks song on her last album has left a mark on Lindsay Lohan, as she's now attempting to get the movie rights to Stevie"s story so that she can make it into a film.

-Lohan To Play Stevie Nicks?
Lindsay Lohan is the favourite to play the lead in an upcoming film about Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks News Sep. 2006

-Rumor has it Nicks will join Petty
Nicks, with whom Petty had the 1981 hit "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," joined the band as a surprise guest on the first eight shows of its 30th anniversary Highway Companion tour.

-Nicks expected to join in on Petty's Gainesville gig
The show will be broadcast nationally on about 100 radio stations and featured on an upcoming two-hour television special.

Stevie Nicks News Aug. 2006

-First Ever Complete Compilation Biography on the Life and Legacy of Rock 'n' Roll Legend, Stevie Nicks, Now Released
Through the widely anticipated, first-ever complete compilation book on rock 'n' roll legend Stevie Nicks, author Sandra Halliburton captures it all in the release of Read Between My Lines: The Musical and Life Journey of Stevie Nicks.

-Petty concert gifts crowd with special guest Stevie Nicks
With the full moon shining down, Petty, 55, had quite a surprise up his sleeve when he introduced Stevie Nicks with whom he collaborated on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and several other hits.

Stevie Nicks News Juli 2006

-Nicks Donates iPods to Troops
Singer Stevie Nicks is doing her part to support US troops by donating hundreds of iPods to soldiers wounded in Iraq.

Stevie Nicks News Juni 2006

-Stevie Nicks brings tour to Tweeter
For those of you that haven't heard, Miss Stevie Nicks will be joining Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for their show at the Tweeter Center on June 21.

-Tom Petty Owns the What Stage
Friday night's headline set from the rock legend featured all his massive hits, plus a special guest spot by Stevie Nicks.

-Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks make hay
Tom Petty performed with his band The Heartbreakers and was joined by Stevie Nicks.

-Concert review: Petty delivers, with help from friend
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performance at the Tweeter Center Wednesday night seemed to be part celebration and part send-off.

-Stevie Nicks Gives iPods To Wounded Soldiers
Singer Steve Nicks is doing her part to support U.S. troops by donating hundreds of iPods to soldiers wounded in Iraq. The former Fleetwood Mac star regularly visits soldiers at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

-Fleetwood Mac Star Donates iPods to Troops
Sexy siren Stevie Nicks is reportedly doing her part to support US troops by donating hundreds of iPods to soldiers who have been wounded in Iraq.

Stevie Nicks News Mei 2006

-Nicks Joins Petty For Last Tour
Stevie Nicks has signed on to join old pal Tom Petty on the road for what is billed as the grizzled rocker's last tour.

-Stevie Nicks signs on for Tom Petty gigs
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are giving fans more bang for their buck during some upcoming tour dates by inviting Stevie Nicks to share the stage with them.

-Stevie Nicks Joins Opening Leg Of Petty Tour
Rock star Stevie Nicks will open the first eight shows on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Highway Companion tour, which kicks off June 9 at the Verizon Amphitheatre in Charlotte, N.C.

Stevie Nicks News Mrt. 2006

-Stevie Nicks and John Farnham at North Harbour Stadium
Die-hard fans of Stevie Nicks and John Farnham were treated with a sensational night from two of the music industry's finest.

-Nicks Counsels Branch + Carlton
Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks has become a mentor to modern singer/songwriters like Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch - because she hates the idea of stripper-like pop stars taking over the music industry.

-Nicks Gave Up Maternal Dreams To Save Fleetwood Mac
Rocker Stevie Nicks made a conscious decision not to become a mum because she couldn't imagine life without Fleetwood Mac.

-Fleetwood Mac Lovers Still Inspire Each Other
Fleetwood Mac bandmates and former lovers Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham write their best songs when they're mad at each other.

-Deep Dish Teams Up With Stevie Nicks!
Recorded last year in Los Angeles, "Dreams" was given the seal of approval from long-time Dish fan Pete Tong, who entered the fray first, making the Axwell mix his first Essential New Tune of 2006 on his Radio 1 show.

Stevie Nicks News Feb. 2006

-A magical life
One of the many rumours that have trailed along behind Stevie Nicks since she joined an ailing Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and helped to turn them into one of the most successful bands in pop history, is that she is some kind of witch.

-Going her own way
Stevie Nicks is a survivor. By Michael Dwyer.

-Interview: Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks - the fairy queen singer in Fleetwood Mac - is in a Melbourne hotel room ready to go off to another rehearsal. In a few days she will perform her ethereal songs with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, but the waiting around is killing her.

-Stevie Nicks - Sydney Morning Herald
What does Stevie Nicks do when she leaves the stage during her shows? The first two breaks (after the second and fifth songs) were about three to five minutes long while the third was nearer 15 minutes. Is there a Dan Brown novel she can't tear herself away from?


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